We live in the most abundant era in the history of humanity. We have more potential than ever before. To realize this potential we need to change how we design our homes, buildings and communities so we have the resources and connections at hand. We call this design a VillageTown; it is a completely different approach to real estate design... There is no developer. It is entirely pre-sold so the net profits remain in the community. Its urban core is car-free meaning it is friendly  for all ages, stages and walks of life. It focuses on creating a local economy that becomes an economic engine for the host region, and it does this so people may enjoy a good life understood as the social pursuits of conviviality, citizenship and artistic, intellectual and spiritual growth. Intended to become a complete community, it is about creating a great place to live. If we had to summarize it in one word, it's about connection.  Read more...


It's not easy making the transition to adulthood. Finding meaningful work, buying our first home, becoming self-supporting and successful is harder than it used to be.

The VillageTown offers a plan with apprenticeships and internships, a youth housing market. It offers a place for us that we define.

Trend Setters

We make things happen. We create our own reality.

The VillageTown is different; it's got different DNA. We will define it and shape it. We will create a dynamic alternative to the banal, boring, cookie-cutter ways of life that make every place look like everywhere else. The VillageTown is happening.



Finally, a place to raise children that is safe yet stimulating; a place where they can learn independence and autonomy, get a great education, both through classroom and the role models of working adults in a 24/7 complete community.

We love the support, security and opportunities the VillageTown offers.


The support systems our parents enjoyed can't be relied upon. Besides, we don't want to be cut off from younger generations. We want to remain a dynamic part of our community, regardless of the limitations that come with aging.

The VillageTown is designed for all ages and stages of life.

The VillageTown enables people to meet their needs & pursue their aspirations

  • Why
The self-supporting local economy is the largest point of difference between a VillageTown and a conventional development. Conventional development relies on the health of the regional economy. When ...
Conviviality is about having fun, enjoying the company of others, often with food & drink. Conviviality is also about entertainment & sport. It is facilitated by car-free streets & plazas ...
More than voting, citizenship is about taking care. Citizenship is self-governance that enables people to get along. It keeps the peace while preserving liberty. In the town, citizenship is formal ...
Artistic and Intellectual growth is about creating, doing rather than consuming. It makes a place vital, engaging, vibrant and colorful. To support it, the VillageTown invests in it. To accomplish ...
The VillageTown does not promote or hold affiliation with any religion (or lack thereof). However, as one of the social pursuits of a good life, the VillageTown provides physical space designed for ...


Watch introductory Video by VillageTown founder Claude Lewenz

Claude Video

Why live in a VillageTown ? - Because it is:


The VillageTown is built on a foundation of diverse private enterprise & wealth creation. It focuses on creating a self-supporting local economy based on market principles.


The VillageTown itself has no political, ideological, religious or philosophical alignment. Each village is different because the people who found it bring their own values to its design.


The VillageTown invests in its cafes, restaurants and taverns as places where people share food and fun. It invests in sports fields, recreation centers and other places where people enjoy each others' company.


The VillageTown looks after its own, not relying on governments to take care of its folk. It aspires to be a complete community, comprised of the full range of society and does so through wealth creation.


There’s more to life than… [fill in the blank]. The VillageTown invests in creativeness. 5% of the housing is set aside for the Creative Class and work space is provided through the use of Artist Guild Halls


Social enrichment naturally comes when people get out of their cars and connect. The VillageTown also invests in parallel market real estate for affordable housing to ensure a complete community.


When you plan for seven generations, sustainability is a mandate, not a bragging point. The VillageTown has the funding and intention to become a showcase of sustainable management of resources.


24/7 complete communities inherently are more safe because people are present all the time. In the VillageTown being car-free and self-governing on local matters makes local life even more safe. 


Current Project locations

Auckland, New Zealand

  • Auckland
    Auckland, New Zealand is a large region with a growing population placing extreme demands on limited land and infrastructure. Projections of a need for 15,000 homes per year for the next 30 years are accompanied by transport projects requiring $60 billion in that time, with promises that even then the congestion will get worse. The 20th century model of growth is not working. The VillageTown model is what Auckland needs.  Read more...

California, USA

  • Mendocino County, north of San Francisco, has a lot to offer, especially in terms of access, climate and rural character, but more importantly, it appears that the values of the people of Mendocino have a certain alignment with those of the VillageTown... local, self-reliant, a light environmental footprint. The VillageTown would not only bring businesses, jobs and tax revenue to the county, but also become a cultural enrichment. Read more...

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The VillageTown idea emerged from a process that challenges every presumption about building communities. For this reason, there is a learning process. It's not difficult, but you need to learn more to avoid confusing a VillageTown with something else. Read this website and these books to get it.

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