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If you are serious about the future, stop building transport-based developments




Climate Change

Stop building transport based new developments.  Build a new form of development, the MarketTown, that eliminates the need to drive, with a sufficient critical mass to support a local economy

No Cost to Council for Services

Stop building developments that need council infrastructure.  No commuters means no council road upgrades. Harvested rainwater, on-site grey water and recycling black water means no council pipes or plants needed.

Median House Price $500,000

Affordable Housing: FACT: 62% of New Zealanders cannot afford to buy a home. Affordable housing is achieved by lowering the cost of land, subdivision, materials, labour and consenting.   In

RULE BY PECUNIARY INTEREST: Call for a Public-Impact Advocate

Public Impact Advocate Corruption is pecuniary interest masked as public interest When the rotting house crisis hit NZ, the government of the day knew they had to do something. Unfortunately,

GOVERNING: The affordable housing crisis

GOVERNING: The affordable housing crisis Solutions: For the entry level, mobile homes. For volume production: MarketTowns For government reform: Reform User Pays The affordable housing crisis did not come about

AFFORDABLE HOUSING: How we got into this mess in the first place

This is an essay. Grab a cuppa, settle in for a long read on a laptop or larger. It shows why housing is 10X income, not 3X. AFFORDABLE HOUSING: How

MARKETTOWNS: A better approach to growth & development

Housing and Communities An integrated solution for many of the challenges facing NZ today If we are serious about climate change, stop issuing resource consents for more transport-based development. Eliminate

LOCAL TRANSPORT: Open Architecture Micro Cars & Local Transport Zones

    Open Architecture Micro Cars In the mid 20th century – the early days of technology – computers were huge, expensive and proprietary, dominated by five global companies. Then

LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Stop using consents as cash cows

Local Government: Stop using consents as cash cows This one is complicated by the fact the RMA was recently changed. However, the principles remain the same. User pays is being

NATIONAL PLANNING STANDARDS: a weapon in the war on the poor

NATIONAL PLANNING STANDARDS DEFINITION  The new definition of building in the National Planning Standards is flawed. It was specifically altered to target the lowest cost housing solution for the poor, especially

MOBILE HOMES – Ending government’s war on poor people

Mobile Homes – Chattel Housing not Real Estate Ending government’s war on poor people and their mobile homes Timeless development models for our time   The hidden homeless are all

CONSENTING COSTS: Council funding is part of the problem

Need to reform Local Government  The Funding Mechanism for Local Government creates a conflict of interest When pecuniary interest eclipses public interest in the culture of local government the institution

TE TIRITI O WAITANGI: An extraterritorial treaty

TE TIRITI O WAITANGI: An extraterritorial treaty This brief promises to be controversial – please approach it with an open mind This brief focuses solely on the Te Reo version

REBUILD KAINGA: Restoration of hapū tūrangawaewae

Kāinga: While academics, activists and those with a vested interest argue for co-governance and a partnership between Crown and Māori leaders (a fight this proposal has no interest in joining),

LAND LAW 101 – Sovereignty vs Mana / Realty vs Whenua

    Land Law 101: English Land – Māori Whenua     In order to effectively govern as an MP, and to be part of the solution not part of

CRIME PREVENTION begins with building character

  Crime Prevention starts with Building Character Crime is not monolithic and this solution does not purport to change the world. It focuses on youth crime that is spawned by

CARBON CREDITS: Mark Belton on Smarter Forests

CARBON CREDITS: Mark Belton on Smarter Forests Mark Belton is Director Permanent Forests NZ Ltd (PFNZ) & Emerging Forests Ltd and an expert on forestry and carbon credits. In this

JUSTICE: Amend Bill of Rights to protect rights in times of crisis

Amend the NZ Bill of Rights to align with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights A constitution sets out the powers of government. New Zealand does not have a

COMPUTERISM: Sleepwalking into a dystopian ideology

SLEEPWALKING INTO A DYSTOPIAN FUTURE   Google computerism and this definition pops up. “Computerism: A political ideology which maintains that all government power should be delegated to a computer or artificial intelligence.” But the definition is

WARNING: NZ FSA is setting up a Black Swan Event

Black Swan Events A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized

COST OF TAX FILING: Easy Tax Tech for Small Business

SME Easy Tax (PAYE-RAYS) Pay as you earn/refund as you spend This one should be easy. It does not propose to change the tax system, but merely how tax is collected

EDUCATION: Values vs Competence – find the right balance

Education  Values or Skills About 20 years ago, it became popular for educators to write vision statements about what they do. Workshops would begin by asking what are our values? 

OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES (OPL): bad governance policy of the right

OPL: Other People’s Lives OPL:  Right wing: Get tough on the underclass. The lives the right wing will push around are not those of themselves, their friends, family or their

OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY (OPM): bad governance policy of the left

OPM: Other People’s Money  OPM OPM: Left wing: Tax the rich. OPM: The taxes the left wing will implement are others people’s money, not theirs. They won’t be affected. “Rules



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