5. Recreation and Sport

The MarketTown notes that the best sport is the sport played, not passively watched.

It is important to set aside land for recreation and sport. At the same time, it is important to be able to select land that will not produce cross-boundary conflicts.

Accordingly, the in-principle design of a MarketTown has a 100-hectare urban core surrounded by an equal amount of Greenbelt that includes sports fields, festival fields, equestrian grounds as well as reserves where people can walk, but Nature is primary.

This investment is part of the overhead the same as streets and water pipes. The sports fields will be for everyone, but during the school day, the schools get priority. The festival fields will be multi-purpose, celebrating the seasons on week, a farmers market the next, and parking for visitors when there is a large MarketTown event.

We recently heard a new phrase "free-range children". It's not a new idea, it never used to have a word, because it was normal. While formal sport is entertaining, there also is a place for a grassy hill and cardboard - and inventive children having fun. Home made horse races on the beach can be as much fun as a day on the racetrack.