NationWide: Build Support

Open Source Growth

The first job is to start the conversation and talk with a lot of people. Seek out the key influencers, especially those who see that Plan A (the response to Auckland's housing and transport crisis) is not going to work. Present them the VillageTown Plan B. Get them to see its value, the detail to which it has been worked out, yet the extent to which it is flexible - a framework not a plan.

CouncilEssentially, we need to get past the silo thinking that has one group focused on building homes for a growing population and a different group focused on addressing the congestion that will gridlock if those homes get built. A third group focuses on children, a fourth on economic development and a fifth on environmental protection. The VillageTown Plan B is a unifying framework that invested immense time in understanding the many economic, environmental and social needs of society as well as people's aspirations, and how all of those requirements can be woven together.

The framework now is in place. The next step is to secure super-credibility. The greatest idea in the world won't get traction unless the decision-makers and key influencers necessary to make it happen get it, like it and support it. 


New ideas can be difficult to sell, but time-tested ideas whose time has come again are easier. People understand their value, thus when their attention is drawn to the idea, they click.


Support is needed from a wide range of people, both within New Zealand and beyond.The timing is right. Auckland is facing unprecedented challenges. It has to do something and it has to begin now. VillageTowns offers an integrated, scalable solution that, after the seed capital for the first project, is self-funding.