Central Govt: The MarketTown Visa

In addition to residents and expat Kiwis, it makes sense to headhunt the world. Invite the best & brightest to bring their businesses to NZ. Built it, they will come.

There are three target audiences for MarketTown inhabitants.

  1. New Zealand citizens and residents already living in New Zealand.
  2. New Zealand citizens living abroad who wish to return home.
  3. Citizens of other nations who would like to live in New Zealand, in a MarketTown, and would make an excellent contribution to the nation.

This third target audience (other than Australians) will require immigration approval, however, the volume of qualified applicants and the specific criteria for foreign nationals to move into a NZ MarketTown suggests that it would be better if central government actively came to the table, not just wait for applicants to apply. A MarketTown visa would be a type of work visa leading to citizenship and would have the following requirements:

  1. The usual health and good character requirements.
  2. Sufficient funds to buy a home without a mortgage for the prime applicant.
  3. Proof of employment, with preference given to prime applicants who bring a proven, operating business with them.
  4. A prime applicant may bring existing employees and their families under the primary applicant's umbrella application.
  5. An applicant who wished to move out of the MarketTown during the five year Visa would have to apply for a normal NZ visa or leave the country.
  6. An applicant who breached the visa requirements would be reported by the MarketTown to Immigration NZ and would be removed from New Zealand.

It should be noted that the Global Impact Visa has set the precedent for this PPP arrangement.

The MarketTown  would employ qualified, licensed immigration advisers to process and verify the large number of applications that are expected. Only those approved by the MarketTown would then be forwarded on to Immigration NZ for approval. In this way, the workload on the Immigration NZ would not overburden the staff.

In addition to providing the MarketTown Visa, Central Government would be encouraged to adopt a proactive recruitment plan run out of its embassies. To put it in the vernacular - to head-hunt the world's best and brightest. No matter how successful someone is in their home country, to be approached by the government of New Zealand and invited to migrate, to bring their business, or open a branch office in New Zealand is a form of recognition that often people do not get in their home country. And, as the traditionally free nations seem to becoming less free, more bureaucratic and less safe, New Zealand looks very attractive. We are in Asia, but with a European tradition blended with an indigenous tradition of hospitality, respect and reverence for people and planet. We speak English, but in Auckland it is said over 200 languages are spoken. Our climate is healthy, clean and supportive of living in Nature. Our outlook is optimistic, our people friendly and our laws are fair and pragmatic. All of these features are attractive.

It should be noted that once the first MarketTown is built, it will become a major visitor attraction. The MarketTowns will become gems in the crown of the nation, places of pride - showing the world what can be done when people put their minds to it.